We developed a comprehensive brand strategy, messaging, look and feel to realign and more effectively communicate Jackie Cleary's transformation from a counselor to an executive leadership coach, and her desire to empower businesswomen, leaders, teams, and organizations to BreakThru and succeed.


Everyone Holds the Power to Breakthru.

The use of candid, action photos of empowered, content professionals achieving their career goals is a key part of communicating the new brand and #RallyPoint. We visually demonstrated “BreakThru moments” with a dramatic duotone treatment. When juxtaposed next to warm-filtered, realistic photos that lend feelings of authenticity, warmth, and trust, the BreakThru moments become even more vivid and eye-catching. The leaf and gradients also visually support this BreakThru concept as visual symbols of growth, transformation, flexibility, and change.

We infused their new #RallyPoint into her entire brand so it would attract her ideal clients and turn them into lifelong advocates.

To further communicate the concept of growth and BreakThrus, we repurposed the leaf from her existing logo in different ways. We used the curved shape of it in buttons, divider lines, callouts, shapes, and more. We also repurposed it into a “BreakThru mandala” to visually represent the core of her brand philosophy. We infused these leaf elements throughout all of her marketing so it had a one-of-a-kind cohesive look and feel.


BreakThru Mandala


We developed a new website so that it is more in line with the new direction of her practice and will attract more of her target audience. Then, we created emails and content marketing to help her convert and keep these ideal clients.





Updating her marketing materials, including a flyer and business cards further cemented the new brand look and feel, and attracted more ideal clients.




As an executive coach, Jackie is her brand. So updated, candid, warm, and inviting images of Jackie were key in the success of launching her new business. To attract top-notch, executive female professionals, we focused on head and office shots that showcased Jackie as the likable, approachable, professional, and successful woman she is.

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