common environmental, exhibit & Event design
concerns among Marketing professionals

How can we generate more leads and sales at our tradeshow booth?

How do we convert our print & digital look into a space successfully?

How can we inspire and engage our employees using our office space?

How do we tie our corporate events into our brand effectively?

As marketing professionals we know and respect the power of communication. It has the power to unite enemies, destroy boundaries, inspire action, and empower people. It attracts customers, generates leads, builds relationships and turns target audiences into customers. So why do we continue to underutilize the space around us?

At Levo, a environmental graphic design agency, we combine graphic, event, exhibit and interior design to maximize your communication strategy and create an unforgettable experience that connects visitors to your brand. This combined approach harnesses all five senses, creating a multi-sensory experience that converts loyal customers and inspires employees.


How Meaningful and Effecitvie is your environmental, interior,
event or tradeshow design?

At Levo, an environmental graphics and trade show design agency in Tulsa, we believe transforming your built environment, exhibit or space into a meaningful place generates more leads, increases brand awareness, inspires employees and establishes your brand image.


If you scored less than 80%, your environmental design and branding isn't as effective as it could be. Let's chat.

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Our Corporate Environmental Graphic Services

Branded Environments


Interior Design

Events & Experiences

Wayfinding & Signage


We believe that the most effective environmental graphics, trade show exhibits, interior and event designs align with business goals, convert new customers, inspire employees, increase sales and build brand awareness. Some of our favorite built environments include retail stores, exhibits, corporate events, office spaces, hotels, trade show booths, restaurants, museums and public spaces. So, if you're a mid-to-large-sized company in the Tulsa area, or across the US, and want to maximize the effectiveness of your space, we might be a great fit.


We understand that representing your brand is a big responsibility. Try our 30-min, complimentary phone consultation, where you'll discover if we're a good fit for your corporate space or place's needs, gain clarity and save valuable time.

Our Environmental, Exhibit, event & Interior Design Process

At Levo,, an event design, trade show design, and environmental design agency in Tulsa, we help you transform built environments into a sense of place. A place communicates your message, organizes the space, informs visitors and connects them to your brand, which builds brand loyalty and influences buying decisions.


We begin with an in-depth look at your industry, market, customers and business. We uncover your business objectives and identify your unique environmental challenges and opportunities. Our goal, as a top environmental design agency in the US, is to align your store, office, exhibit, tradeshow booth or event and with your business goals, marketing strategy and your brand.

Key Steps

Space Audit
Marketing Audit
Research & Analysis
Stakeholder Interviews


Once we’ve gathered these key insights, we develop them into a working marketing strategy, or Brief, the basis for all future events, tradeshows, environmental or interior designs. We will include specific recommendations and opportunities where you can convert new customers, inspire employees, increase sales and build brand awareness.

Key Steps

Marketing Brief & Strategy
Marketing Recommendations


The final step is to bring the opportunities to life in the built environment within your existing brand guidelines. Our goal, as an environmental branding agency, is to execute an event, design an interior or create an environment that aligns with your business goals, stay within budget and deliver measurable results.

Key Steps

Design or Produce
Install or Execute

Some of our Environmental branding, graphics, event & tradeshow design experience

Our team members have helped top marketing agencies and corporate clients located locally, nationally and globally create effective interiors, events and environments. Here are a few examples, from our past lives as well as our time at Levo, a corporate environmental design agency in Oklahoma. If you like what you see, take us for a test drive. Learn More


What we love to do


From #RallyPoints and logos to branded materials, great branding identifies who you are and gives people something to believe in and follow. Learn how Levo, a branding agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can help.

Advertising &

From ads to brochures, direct marketing and packaging, design acumen and strategic thinking attract people who share your reason why. Learn how Levo, a marketing agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can help.


From back-end coding to front-end design, an engaging and user-friendly website tells visitors why you exist and converts them to lifelong customers. Learn how Levo, a web design company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can help.



From signage and interior design to tradeshows, a branded environment communicates why you do what you do? and attracts those who agree. Learn how Levo, an environmental design agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can help.

SeO, Digital
& Social Marketing

From SEO and social media to banner ads, cutting-edge digital strategies help you stay relevant and reach people that share your beliefs. Learn how Levo, a Tulsa digital marketing and SEO agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can help.

Vegan Branding & Marketing

Whether it's vegan food, skincare, fashion, supplements, cleaning supplies, or beauty, authentic caused-based branding and marketing generate more leads and win more hearts. Learn how Levo, a vegan branding and marketing agency, can help.

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