At Levo, a web design, branding, advertising, SEO and digital marketing company in Tulsa, we believe discovering why you do what you do is the best way to increase ROI, attract more loyal customers and reach your business goals.

What we love to do

We help you discover your #RallyPoint, infuse it in everything you do, and share it in just the right way and in all the best places. Why did you buy that ad? Why did you hire that executive? Why did you give to that charity? Why did you hold that event? And why did you post that on social media? It's because of who you are and what you believe as a brand.

It’s hard enough to discover your #RallyPoint, let alone commit enough of your internal marketing team resources to roll it out in everything you do. That’s why we developed scalable, à-la-carte services you can customize to fit your needs. Because, let’s face it, everyone’s different. Whether we can support you with design, development, copywriting or editing, our primary purpose is to save you time, help you get the word out and create results.


From #RallyPoints and logos to branded materials, great branding identifies who you are and gives people something to believe in and follow. Learn how Levo, a branding agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can help.

Advertising &

From ads to brochures, direct marketing and packaging, design acumen and strategic thinking attract people who share your reason why. Learn how Levo, a advertising & marketing agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can help.


From back-end coding to front-end design, an engaging and user-friendly website tells visitors why you exist and converts them to lifelong customers. Learn how Levo, a web design company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can help.



From signage and interior design to tradeshows, a branded environment communicates why you do what you do? and attracts those who agree. Learn how Levo, an environmental design agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can help.

SEO, Digital
& Social Marketing

From SEO and social media to banner ads, cutting-edge digital strategies help you stay relevant and reach people that share your beliefs. Learn how Levo, a Tulsa digital marketing and SEO agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can help.

Vegan Branding &

Whether it's vegan food, skincare, fashion, supplements, cleaning supplies, or beauty, authentic caused-based branding and marketing generate more leads and win more hearts. Learn how Levo, a vegan branding and marketing agency, can help.

create a #RallyPoint people can believe in

because when you speak from the heart,

people will Rally and become lifelong customers.

  • Do you want to attract more leads and turn them into loyal, lifelong customers?
  • Do you believe that you should talk to people instead of at them?
  • Do you want to be able to demonstrate ROI and defend every dollar you spend?
  • Are you tired of wasting time on watered-down marketing campaigns that deliver mediocre results?
  • Do you want to make your everyday marketing decisions easier with more effective results?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to discover your #RallyPoint. At Levo, a Tulsa, Oklahoma based advertising and marketing agency, we can help you do just that. Because, we believe effective web design, marketing, branding, advertising and digital marketing starts with why you do what you do and results in more customers, higher traffic, loyal brand advocates and increased sales.



Make your marketing more effective. Get the 4 steps to discovering your #RallyPoint.

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Are you a vegan or plant-based brand?

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Some of our work

Our team members have helped regional and national brands like Chico's, Estee Lauder, GoodEggs, MorseLife (all under the direction of Brandemix, one of our top agency clients) as well as the YMCA, Matrix Service Company and more find and share their #RallyPoint. Here are a few samples, from our past lives as well as our time at Levo. To see more, visit work.

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