Anya, was AMAZING and took our vision and made it come to life! Our team would highly recommend her and LEVO!

- Trish Ary, Land & Home Specialist


We created a new brand identity for Ary Land & Home, to better encompass their growing team and shifting business focus. As part of the KellerWilliams® Realty team, we worked within the KW brand and colors to ensure the two integrated seamlessly together for one cohesive look and feel.

The use of warm, engaging images of the team, happy buyers and sellers, and their properties were key in the new look and feel. We created a slightly different look and feel for each target audience. The first, a more traditional classic look for all types of buyers and sellers. The second, a more rustic look and feel for their farm and ranch buyers and sellers. For the second look, the use of rustic elements such as the rope, nail heads, and white–washed wood visually communicated their expertise and focus in this niche market.


We infused their two new look and feels into all of their marketing to
generate more leads, increase sales and communicate their passion for
farm and ranch properties.


Updating the marketing materials, including business cards, flyer templates, brochure mailer, postcard template and more, further cemented the two new look and feels, increased brand awareness and sales.

Business Cards

Brochure Mailer

Classic Postcard Template

Rustic Postcard Template

Classic Flyer Template

Rustic Flyer Template


We designed a new presentation and a set of social media graphic overlays using the new look and feel, to attract more potential clients and increase sales.


Social Media

Environmental Graphics & Signage

Thousands of people drive by their properties every day and therefore, the signs are some of the most important aspects of the rebrand. We designed new banners and signs to create a cohesive and recognizable brand.


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