Levo is our go-to marketing partner and handles all of our marketing, from branding, to websites, to emails, to content marketing, to digital marketing, and more. It is nice to have a full-service marketing department we can trust. The quality of their work is impeccable. Their care, expertise, and attention to detail let us focus on what matters most, our products and our customers.

- Jennifer Robertson, CEO, Red Maple Technologies Inc.


We developed a #RallyPoint and color palette from their existing branding to communicate the software developers’ passion and reason why they do what they do.


Companies Deserve Software That’s
Easy to Use, Powerful and Flexible.

The use of illustrated scenes, showing the software’s benefits and features, are a key part of engaging potential customers and communicating the new #RallyPoint. These illustrations make the software’s features come alive in the viewer’s mind so that they are more engaging and impactful.

We infused their new look and feel into their entire brand,
attracting like-minded companies and turning them into
lifelong customers.

We also developed an identity for one of their patented software solutions, Clever Division. To tie the logo into Red Maple’s existing brand we used limited colors from its brand palette. We also found inspiration in the leaf shapes in Red Maple’s logo. We turned this shape into an abstract division symbol to separate the credit card into two parts. We also integrated a division symbol into the text in place of an “i”. These two elements create multiple visual “clever divisions” to visually represent the product’s namesake and main selling point: 2-part authentication. The clean, bold type visually communicates safety and security, both important features of the software.


We designed a new website, using the new look and feel, to better reflect their growing business needs and showcase their products and features. Then, we increased traffic and sales with a mixed media marketing strategy that included such digital tactics as SEO, digital advertising, paid search advertising, email marketing, content marketing, presentations and more.



17% Increase
in Website Traffic

93% Increase in
Organic Traffic

400% Increase
in Conversionsin

Content Marketing





70% Savings
in Ad Hard Costs

17% Less
Cost Per Click

76% Increase
in Conversion Rate


Updating all of the marketing materials, including collaterals, flyers, powerpoint presentations and more further cemented the new look and feel, elevated the brand, and resulted in increased sales.



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