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I feel thankful that we had such a wonderful committed team – Simply could not have done this without their dedication. Thank you for the hard work!!! It looks great!!"

- Director Total Rewards & HR Operations, Valvoline


We created an employer brand identity that pairs seamlessly with Valvoline’s corporate brand and celebrates the company’s most valuable resource, its people.


Driven to Greatness.

Warm-filtered action photos that highlight employees working, achieving, innovating, connecting and serving to attract like–minded candidates is a key part of communicating the new employer brand and #RallyPoint. The use of automotive-related surfaces, like metal and asphalt, create an immediate recognizable and relatable tactile experience with the brand. Angled bars in different widths and configurations mirror the iconic “V” shape of the Valvoline logo, and tie it into the established corporate branding.

We infused their new #RallyPoint into their employer brand,
attracted more like-minded candidates, and created a sense of
pride, belonging and growth for existing employees.


Communicating to all of Valvoline’s employees throughout their thousands of locations across U.S. and Canada was one of the most important aspects of the employer rebrand and benefits campaign. To accomplish a consistent look and feel and cohesive messaging, we included a mixed media marketing strategy that included digital, collaterals, advertising, signage and more.


We designed a new career website to better reflect the needs and culture of life at Valvoline. The employee benefits microsite and emails allowed us to communicate to a diverse and wide–spread audience easily and streamline the enrollment process.





We created multiple marketing materials including brochures, flyers and more. These increased internal brand awareness, employee engagement and enrollment rates.





Advertising tactics like newsletters and direct mailer were important communication components. They allowed us to communicate easily and consistently to a diverse employee population, spread across multiple countries at different types of facilities.




Posters at all of Valvoline’s thousands of locations across the U.S. and Canada allowed us to communicate easily and consistently to a diverse employee population, spread across multiple countries at different types of facilities.


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