For this project, Levo worked in partnership with Brandemix, a full-service branding agency. For more details please visit


We worked with Brandemix to develop new brand positioning and creative direction for the nonprofit organization, SecureDoc. The new look, #RallyPoint, and approach seamlessly combine their business promise with their social mission to empower people with disabilities. The existing logo's green and navy inspired the other colors in the palette. These colors support's values of security, freedom, independence, empowerment, efficiency, and a green environment.


Great on Paper, Empowered in Life.

Candid shots of their disabled employees alongside “paper” graphics visually communicate the company's combined business and social missions. The main component of their business is paper and its transformation into a digital format. This inspired a layered paper "swatch" design. The diagonal shapes and shadowing give the design interest and depth so that they appear as if they are stacked documents slightly askew on a table. The squares in the logo visually represent the transformation of paper into a digital format and inspired a complimentary "pixel" pattern used throughout the design. The main component of their social mission is their people. We showcased this mission with pics of their disabled employees who have found independence, purpose, and fulfillment at SecureDoc.

We infused their new #RallyPoint into their entire brand to attract
clients who want to support and empower people with disabilities.


We designed a new website to better reflect their dual missions and infused it with the new creative direction. We also produced a promotional video that communicates the benefits and purpose behind SecureDoc to attract customers that want to support their powerful mission.




Updating the marketing materials, including letterhead, envelopes, invoice template, business cards, trifold and more, further cemented the new look and feel, and attracted new customers.





We created a simple, yet eye-catching awning to increase brand awareness and designate their office space. We also developed booth signage to attract, educate and convert attendees.



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