I've had the opportunity to work with a number of graphics and web design agency, and Levo is at the top of that list! Their suggestions and opinions were invaluable; yet they were also fantastic at listening for the things that were most important to me. They are responsive, capable, and extremely comfortable to work with. If you're looking for marketing support, graphic design, or website layout and construction, I strongly suggest you take a very close look at Levo. The final product will be outstanding, but the experience will be the best part!

- Kelly Riggs, Principal, Biz Lockerroom


We created a simple, clean color palette of teal, grays, white and black to convey a sense of professionalism. The primary, limited color palette of neutral colors also allows the photos and teal accents to pop, drawing the viewer’s eyes.

The use professional portraits, live speaking engagements pics, and book mockups throughout the site were essential to the look and feel. These gIve him credibility, and evoke a sense of experience, familiarity and trust, which turns visitors into clients.

We infused the new look and feel into his new website to convert more
visitors into clients.


We refreshed Business Lockerroom’s website, restructured the pages, added calls to action, and cleaned up the layout to make it more user friendly.



We created an ad that would appeal to professionals and corporations, capture Business Lockerroom’s services, and showcase Kelly Riggs. The use of his portrait along with clean, simple layout gives the ad a personal, friendly and professional feel.

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