Levo, lead by Anya Sleezer has made an incredible impact on A New Leaf. I was immediately drawn to her creative expertise and professionalism as her passion for her work, clients and community were clear in the first moments of the meeting. Levo took the time to get to know the program, understand the vision I had for it and created an iconic logo that is now on our website, social media, packaging materials and apparel. After such great success with the development of the Blooming Acres logo, I knew Levo could be entrusted with the next project of giving SEEDS a proper face for the public. Once again, Levo listened to our needs, the details of the program and the desire to connect the logos to create a link between all brands. It is clear that Anya Sleezer deeply cares and listens to her clients. I truly feel her desire for us to succeed as our successes are her successes. My praise and recommendations for the strategic work that Anya and her team provide are sincere as I would hire them back in a heartbeat.

- Kayla Jones, Director of Business Development and Marketing


We designed logos for two of A New Leaf’s horticulture initiatives, Blooming Acres and Seeds. To maintain brand consistency, we integrated the colors and the leaf shape of their corporate logo into the new designs to signify the programs’ connection to nature and growth. We used the leaf of the corporate logo in a new ways to give each program its own identity, while maintaining a consistent overall brand image.


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